Welcome to the Naquag PTO!


  • Congratulations to the newly elected Naquag PTO Board Members for the 2016-2017 school year!
    • President: Jessica Gregorczyk
    • Vice President: Deidre Morgan
    • Secretary: Kate Annunziata
    • Treasurers: Diana Barton and Shawnee Hollis
    • Volunteer Coordinators: Rebecca Pratt and Christine Jean

    You can view the current Naquag School Newsletter HERE

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     Meet Wiser, our school mascot.

    What are the origins of Wiser’s name?    On December 22, 1686, a group of five Native Americans purchased a large parcel of land called Naquag.  “Naquag” was a  general name for the territory now comprising Rutland, Oakham, Hubbardston, Barre and parts of Princeton and Paxton. Possibly the same as Naiyag, meaning “an angle or corner,” and used by the Native Americans as a boundary. (Naig, ‘ point corner. ‘) One of the Native Americans who purchased the land was James Wiser, also known as Qualapunit.

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    Naquag Elementary
    285 Main St.
    Rutland, MA 01543